Official Giveaway Post for the Sportsball Sew-In #SBSI


Whoo! I just finished the final zipper pouch 5 minutes ago so here’s the official entry post with pictures of the giveaways.

Zipper Pouches

To win the purple floral zipper pouch above (it measures about 6×3″ on the bottom, and is about 10″ across on the top), leave a comment on this post with your favorite team colors for any type of sportsball team! Winner will be drawn by random number generator after midnight Sunday night.

Colors are the best part of sportsball! That, and the snacks.

The other two pouches will be giveaways on twitter tomorrow. Now, I noticed after I fused the interfacing to the exterior of those sheep pouches that there’s some sort of printing error that made the black ink run off the black sheep in some areas. Rather than chuck the whole thing and start over again with different fabric, I turned lemons into lemonade and spiced up the print with some custom doodling on it.

Zipper PouchesIf you look closely, you’ll see the sheep jumping over the fence yelling “CARL! COME BACK!”. And the levitating black sheep saying “WHEE!” and “WHOA!”. Some sheep even have party hats or bow ties.  These things are custom! And if you ask my kids, they’ll say that Santa Clause decorated them since his handwriting looks an awful lot like this.

The fun is going on right now on twitter, but the two giveaways for the sheep pouches will happen Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time) and during the big Sportsball game Sunday night.  Good luck!

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  1. I vote for the snacks being the best part of any sportsball. Unless Old Dominion is playing, then the best part is the yelling and the winning. ODU’s colors are blue and silver, as you may know, having spent some time in Hampton Roads. Those are my favorite team colors, despite some professional sportsball teams having adopted them as well. I ignore those teams.

  2. I love the sheep pouches! You are hilarious! 🙂 Okay, my fav team colors are blue and white. Nice and crisp. Second red and gray (or silver). Those were my high school colors.
    I’m pattern testing a bag with applique(ahhhh!!!). I don’t do appliqué so it’s going to be interesting.

  3. Not into ANY sports but am smart enough to have spicy chili and all kinds of snacks available and ready for the football fanatics…. I get undisturbed sewing time. I had planned to go to a sew-in at the LQS but that got cancelled due to illness of our hostess.

    I started early on the on line sew in here… sewed 50 NINE patches … only have 50 more to go to reach the 400 needed. Tomorrow I plan to make some borders for my sheep baby quilt. I had delayed working on the boarder because it needs my full attention and I had not felt well enough to deal with it…. but I am raring to go.

    To be honest I do not even know who is playing.

  4. I’m not a football fan, but my university colours were green and gold. I had a friend who painted her 1966 Volkswagon green and gold. We had more fun in that car – people would wave and point and invite us to parties, when we stopped for a light.
    The game tomorrow holds no interest for me. I might watch it to see the commercials, but they don’t show them in Canada! They replace them with Canadian Tire and Molson beer commercials. Boo!

  5. Just dropping by to say red and black (high school colors). Don’t pay much attention to sports anymore since the man I married would rather not watch sports. Yeah!

  6. My favorite professional team colors are maroon and gold, though I rarely pay attention anymore. I went to Marshall, so green and white for college football. 🙂

  7. Ooh, this is not for that nice purple bag, but I’ll be trying to win one of these sheep pouches on Sunday! Sheep are my favoritest (even doodled ones)!

  8. My favorite sports colors are maroon and gray. DD graduated from TA&M. These are A&M’s colors. I’m a proud Aggie mom.

  9. I love Nonnie’s comment! I’m not into any sports team either, but if I had to pick colors, it would be purple and blue for the Utah Jazz. 🙂 It’s much more fun to eat snack and visit with friends. Or quilt!

  10. Any colors will do (snacks are a much bigger draw than whatever sport my husband is watching). I do appreciate a little eye candy though. Don’t get much of that in football thanks to all the padding. Ah well, less distraction from my hand work! (Your bag drawings cracked me up!)

  11. The sheep are priceless – one of a kind! I’m going to say that my favorite team colors are the colors my kids wear when they play: green and gold. (Go Titans!)
    Off to my workshop. See you on Twitter!

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