WIP Wednesday – Extra Helpery

I’m working on the baby quilt for my niece, but I don’t know how much my sister wants to see in advance, so until I know for sure I’m only posting a tease.

I called for a Helper Cat model for this week's WIP Wednesday picture.The aqua squares on the bottom right are for the baby quilt. The pink fabrics in the top right are for some quilted placemats for my daughter’s class basket for a Bingo fundraiser.  It’s got cute forks, knives, and plates in 5 different patterns, so I just need to make the placemats with a little pocket for utensils.

To no one’s surprise, when I called for a Helper Cat model this week, Morelli was the first to answer.  He is a pretty, pretty princess.

Morelli is a pretty, pretty princess.

Jett is King of WIPsNot to be outdone, Jett decided to sit atop the pile of WIPs.

From top to bottom the quilts are Rainbow 16 (which is actually done), Easy Street (top and back, to be quilted later this month), and the raffle quilt for the Atlanta MQG to benefit Wellspring House. I need to hand stitch the binding and attach the label, and then it will be done.

I would have included a picture of Nina this week, but she is off gallivanting and chasing a ladybug. She had a slight injury this week during dog/cat integration and suffered a tail pull by Fred, but it’s healing nicely and she should have full mobility of it within a couple weeks.  Right now she’s perking it up, but not swishing it.  We’re figuring out a better way to do dog/cat integration, and where’s the best place to enroll Fred in charm school so he learns some manners when playing with the kittens.

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  1. Lots of fun projects coming up! Do you have a tutorial for the mats?
    Poor Nina!
    Did you see the cat piece was the final choice for the new Monopoly? Cool! Though I really liked the robot.

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