WIP Wednesday: I Get By With A Little Helper

This has been a particularly frustrating week at work so I’ve not been making progress at much of anything because of a horrible, no good, very bad mood. I’m trying to make progress on small projects to give me the endorphin rush of finishing stuff, so I’m trying to tackle 5 more nap mats for Good Mews.  Here’s one of them – the other four are quilted and waiting to be bound.

Cat Nap Mat in progress

In other news, Fred was feeling a bit under the weather so he stayed home with me today. Much like when the human kids are home sick, there’s a lot of quilts involved. With the human kids, we tend to make a blanket fort to convalesce. With Fred….

Fred is playing King of Quilts

… I let him play King of the Quilts.

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  1. I’m sorry your week wasn’t as pleasant as it could’ve been… Hope the next few days will make up for that! Fred is a really cute King! 🙂

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