HtbaS – Episode 120

I talk about finishing two baby quilts, a sewing machine cover, getting back into garment sewing, and learning a new landscape quilting technique.

Finished machine cover:

Sewing Machine CoverLandscape quilt, before quilting. Needs more chicken. Or trees and leaves.

Landscape Quilt

I recommend Etiquette and Espionage by Gail Carriger.

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  1. Still listening to the episode and not sure how I missed the BSG trivia (I totally would have won). Random trivia about that… While they were shooting before they knew if they’d be picked up the directors and producers kept hounding “we’ve got to cut corners!” The cast pulled a prank and one day everyone came in with the corners of their scripts cut off – their way of cutting corners. Everyone had a good laugh, but the look stuck and… Or so the story goes. Ok now that I’ve totally outted myself as an uber geek, I’ll go listen to the rest of the show. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. AmyDe – LOL that is a cool little tidbit. 🙂
      Pam – The cover is cute. That landscape looks like an interesting technique. Probably too fiddly for my own self though.
      The books you talked about sound like fun. I’ll have to check my library.

  2. You say Zombies and Vampires like they’re bad things…maybe you could use their assistance in dealing with the perky room moms.

    I may have already mentioned the “Into the Woods” series by Sara Donati as something you might like. It’s a wonderful series in its own, but she does mention Jamie and Claire in the first book.

    Thanks for explaining steam punk. I never knew what it meant.

    Thanks for the Scrappy Swoon Along link. I’ve got so many blues that would fit in.

    All the best.

  3. Sorry, just catching up on podcasts (I am SO behind on everyone’s!) but wanted to mention your landscape quilt (my favorite kind!) is very nice. And it’s pronounced “jack ard” Jack Hard but the H is silent…there’s a dirty joke in there somewhere but I’ll ignore it. :0

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