HtbaS – Episode 122

I talk about finished the Scrappy Swoon, the Monster Mash baby quilt, a small watercolor art quilt, and recap the medical insurance drama for the week.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 122”

  1. I’m loving Wool and House of Cards is growing on me. I’ve always been a Spacey fan. I like the giant swoon! It the first swoon quilt I’ve seen that I really like. It sparkles with all those pieces!

  2. Hey! I’m listening to your most recent episode and wondering what I might do to earn a loaf of your banana bread. Taxes? Babysitting? Anyway, I, too, have been thinking I need to do better on leaving comments for my fellow podcasters, so here’s one for you. Rock on, soul sister! Love what you do!

  3. Yes, Namaste reminds me of Lost as well. I can never hear Shambala without thinking about Hurley driving the Dharma Initiative car down the hill while Sawyer was SOB-ing (read WTF for non cable network) in the background.

    Thanks for book review. I always enjoy hearing other people’s opinions and recommendations.

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