HtbaS – Episode 123

This week I talk about finishing Christmas Road, being delighted in quilting, when to trash a project, and give some book reviews.

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  1. Did you ever check out Snippet Sensations? I wonder if those books have any better tips for using fabric confetti and dealing with fusible? Perhaps MistyFuse (the quilt supply not the porn star) would work better for this technique. I have wanted to try and was thinking of making a confetti version of my whole cloth quilt, but not if I am going to be screaming at my machine. You were much more patient trying all those needles and threads. The thing would have been in the trash way sooner for me.

  2. So, I was listening to your podcast this AM while on my way to work and my DH calls. I picked up (with the windshield speaker since hands-free is the rule in Maryland and my car is too old to be Blue Tooth enabled) and found myself answering with phrases like, “There’s that,” and “As you do.” He has heard your podcasts so he understood that I was channeling your hip squareness.

    I don’t tend to watch shows just because people from “Lost” are in it, but find it a nice bonus. I watched “Deadwood,” and swear I have seen every actor in it on some show since. Huzzah!

    The way I keep up with podcast comments is to make one after each podcast and before I listen to someone else. Of course, it helps that I don’t have a blog or podcast myself, so I get a kick out of hearing my comments when someone else reads them out.

    All the best.

  3. Thanks for the shout out Pam, still time warping but should be caught up this week in time for Ep. 128. Like Torie commented, I to speak fluent Pam now and find myself exclaiming “Huzzah!” and talking about stuff and things a lot, so there’s that.

    Pesca was what I used to call myself when I really little, I started saying Sica and then it turned in to Pesca when I was told one-too-many times by my Mum to “stop being a pest”, probably around the time my sister was born because I was not a fan of her at that point. I didn’t realise it meant fish in other languages until after I bought my blog domain & started using it, a little unfortunate because I don’t really like fish, but oh well.

    Presents was intended as “fish putting on a show” for my blog because I intend to show the things that I’ve made or am working on, but they are often gifts so really, either interpretation works.

    Looking forward to being all caught up and listening in real time soon, perhaps even making some relevant comments for once (:

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