On Delightful Quilting

Remember when Sandy did her quilty resolutions contest, and I said I wanted my driving word to be “delight“?  This week has been a wonderful example of making progress on using that word.

I had high hopes for the landscape quilting class I took a couple weeks ago.  It uses a “fabric confetti” technique to create a landscape.  Because we didn’t have sewing machines in the class, the instructor provided us the background fabric with Steam a Seam attached to it, and then we placed our trees and confetti leaves on it, added another adhesive (the Bo Nash sprinkle kind), and then a layer of tulle and then pressed the heck out of it to seal in all those little pieces.  Here’s what mine looked like when I left the class.

Landscape QuiltAfter reconsidering, I carefully pulled back the tulle and added more leaves in some different greens from my stash at the top of the piece, and a little more ground cover at the bottom. I sandwiched it with my standard 80/20 and a piece of muslin for the backing, and started thread painting this weekend.

Bummer.To my disappointment, the amount of adhesive on here gums up my needle after 3 stitches.  I was getting skipped stitches left and right while trying to accent the tree trunks, and it only worsened when I tried to do the leaves.  I had started using my monofilament, and then a 12 weight variegated Sulky thread (both with a size 90 needle and a top stitch needle), and when those combinations failed, I went to a shade of brown in my trusty Aurifil. Even with 3 different needles (universal size 90, topstitch, and size 90 embroidery needle) and the 50 weight thread, the stitches were still skipping and looking horrible.  I was stopping to wipe the needle down with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol every 5 minutes or so and it’s just a miserable process.

I have heard of a product called “Sewer’s Aid” that’s a silicone based lubricate of sorts you put on your needle to help keep the adhesive from gumming it up. I might try that if I can find it, but otherwise, I’m trashing this project. It’s just not delighting me.

I will try the technique again, but only here at home where I don’t have to secure everything with so adhesive to transport it.  I think I might try a smaller forest scene since I still have lots of the different green confetti left, and some browns for tree trunks.

Since that was such a disappointment, I was very happy to work on this fun piece (after finishing my Easy Street quilt – holla!).  It’s inspired by a love of RuPaul’s Drag Race that I share with some of my guildmates, as we discovered at our sew-in last week.

Serving up Quilty RealnessIt measures about 7×10″.  The words are threadpainted/FMQ’ed onto Kona White backed with a piece of Peltex instead of batting so it would be stiff enough to stand up on it’s own.  I used my watercolor pencils to fill in the letters, and a decorative stitch to border it.

This delights the heck out of me.

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  1. Pam, I’m not clear – what kind of adhesive are you using to stick down the leaves/trees, etc..?

    1. The background had a layer of Steam a Seam, and then the trees and confetti were scattered on top of that. The individual leaves don’t have any additional adhesive on there – they rely on some of them sticking to the background, and the rest held in place by the tulle, which is adhered to the background by the SaS.

  2. It’s a bummer you have to trash your forest project cause I like it a lot! I wish the teacher gave advice on how to deal with the adhesive on the needle! Your mini quilt came out really cute, was that the one with the aloe gel you talked about in the podcast?

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