Scrappy Swoon – Finished!

I am very pleased to present the finished Scrappy Swoon quilt!

Scrappy Swoon Quilt

Scrappy Swoon Quilt

Here’s a little close-up to show the quilting detail. On the background I did a regular ol’ meander.  To set off the yellow parts, I did an elongated squiggle (by FMQ- that tested the old nerves, I tell you).  The blue part I tackled first and took the longest. I did a paisley design, and it about drove me bonkers.  I’ve known that quilting designs that require one to cover back over itself irritate me, yet I keep going back to them anyway. Either I need to acknowledge that even monkeys learn and I’m acting sub-simian, or that perhaps I just need to get over myself and embrace the whole slow-quilting thing.

Hmm. Anyone have a banana?

Anywho, here’s a better view of the quilting from the back.

Scrappy Swoon Quilt

If you want to make your own Scrappy Swoon quilt, you can follow the directions from Hopeful Homemaker here!

4 Replies to “Scrappy Swoon – Finished!”

  1. Beautiful and truly inspiring! Put the beef aside with the paisley design already, I love them! And the fact that you did the elongated squiggle in the yellow parts. (I actually had to scroll back up to check the name of that pattern:)) Thank you for remembering putting it in the dryer and not forgetting turning the dryer ON! :))) Happy Sunday!:)

  2. I was never a fan of the Swoon pattern but, done super large and scrappy as you have done here has won me over. I LOVE this! There is so much interest and movement in it.

  3. Very cool. So many pieces. The quilting is great. You should be very pleased with it! Love it!

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