The Baby Shower in a Box

Well, no picture of the actual shipping box I’m using, but you can figure out what that looks like using your imagination.  All the actual pictures are behind the “More…” tag so the surprise isn’t ruined for my sister, who’ll be getting the box later this week.

Diaper Bag

First up are two projects that my mom commissioned me to make for my sister – a diaper bag and vinyl changing pad.  Mom gave these to her a couple weeks ago.

Morelli makes the best model.

Vinyl covered changing mat.

The rest of the things I made were inspired by the choice of bedding my sister picked out- octopus and aquatic and underwater themed.

This is a thing that my sister pinned – there’s a company that sells them on etsy, but the design is pretty simple so I figured it out myself. It slips over the doorknob on both sides and keeps the latch pulled in so the door for the baby’s room can close quietly. Bonus weird view of my bathroom and kitchen in the doorknob reflection!

Door latch cover thingySeascapeSince the baby will be staying in my sister’s room for a while, they don’t have a lot of decorations for her. I made a little seascape for my niece’s corner of the room using the “Accidental Landscapes” method by Karen Eckmeier. It’s in a frame that I spray painted white and removed the glass from.

I got to experiment with my new watercolor pencils since I didn’t quite have enough of the sand colors to really make it work. I had some lighter batiks that I colored with yellow and brown watercolor pencils to get them to the right shade.

Now the final gifty: the baby quilt!

Ocean Dreams

I started with a block called the Arizona Blocks (mine have aqua centers with orange elements).  From there I set them on point and designed an alternate block in aquas and lime greens.  Rather than design a corner setting triangle, I called it a day and made it an octagonal quilt.

Two points to anyone who can name the scifi television series that always had paper with the corners cut off like this. Jett and Morelli are pretty sure they know the answer.

This baby quilt has been Helper Cat Endorsed.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams

I backed it with minky so it’s nice and soft.

And finally, so her older daughter doesn’t feel left out, I made her a zippered pouch that big enough to hold a LOT of stuff – either art supplies or whatever the kids are into these days. I’ll tuck a couple smaller things into it for her.

I got the pattern for the Mario block from this quilt along at Cut to Pieces.

A Mario Zippered Pouch  A Mario Zippered Pouch

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  1. Beautiful. I wonder how do you do it…. you get so many projects completed. Keep sewing and posing. I get so inspired

  2. I love the baby quilt! It’s so cheery and bright and gender neutral. Worth the wait for the big reveal.

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