Weekend Sewing

Royal Gardens - Block 3

A few small finishes before posting the honking big Baby Shower post!

First up, the next Royal Garden’s block. Which is suspiciously like the Going Coastal block from last month, probably because it’s the exact same pattern. The good news is I finally managed to use the Tri-Recs rulers without my V-blocks looking jacked up.

Going Coastal - Block 10

And then there’s the next Going Coastal block, which was nice and simple, but has some fun movement.

And here are the two nap mats I finished this week out of some orphan HSTs I dug out during the re-org last weekend.

2 More Nap MatsI’ve also been working on two baby quilts, but those pictures will wait until after I finish them.

I (finally) put the label on the raffle quilt for the Atlanta Modern Quilt Guild, which is going to benefit the Wellspring Living foundation’s work with women and girls affected by human trafficking.

Raffle Quilt to benefit Wellspring Living

Raffle Quilt to benefit Wellspring LivingI made a Jacob’s Ladder block as well, but it didn’t get included in the quilt because the yellow I used didn’t quite fit in with the rest of everyone else’s colors.  I did help with the applique around the edge, and got the quilt from Chris (who did the quilting for us) to do the binding and label.

2 Replies to “Weekend Sewing”

  1. I love the border and color arrangement on Jacob’s ladder. So pretty! And your tri-rex block came out really gorgeous. Finally, right? :))) The Going Coastal is really wonderful with those fabrics. Loved your pictures, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I love your birdies that flew the coop! That is a really cute border! And I never would have thought to put so many fabrics in that pattern, but it looks awesome!
    The nap mats are fun. I like the HST look.

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