WIP Wednesday: Jingling Along

Miss KringleSince I finished up my arty little piece and a big ol’ giant quilt, I finally buckled down and started on the applique for the center medallion for Miss Kringle (I’ve been calling it Miss Jingle on the podcast, so I guess that it’s name now?).  Here’s all my parts so far – I’m only lacking 12 berries and the stems. Those pieces are cut, so once they are prepped, I can glue down the center medallion (on Kona Snow) and get stitching on it!

Erin has released two applique blocks and one pieced block (the second pieced block is due out any time now), so I’ve still got some catch up to do, but the having the center done will feel GREAT.

Morelli has many feels about National Quilting Day.Since I can mix up the piecing and the applique with the blocks already published, I think I’ll keep going on this project until I catch up.  After that I’m working on the Labyrinth quilt, I think. Or whatever strikes my fancy!

Meanwhile, this one is full of the Feels. He keeps taking off with more yo-yo’s, and has been eying my stack of applique pieces. He’ll turn ONE in a couple weeks, which I can hardly believe.

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  1. Looks like you’ve got trouble on your hands. Hopefully as he ages he’ll leave your yo-yos alone. Then again, my cats only enjoyed sitting on my quilts when I’d FMQ them or have the quilts in my Flynn frame.

  2. I thought you were calling it Miss Jingle because it’s the Jingle BOM :)) Your medallion will be really pretty! I saw the pieced block you’ll have to make it’ll be a gorgeous quilt! When is Morelli’s birthday? My boyz were born in April too, only a year earlier 🙂

  3. Love the block. Very cheerful. You should mix up the leaves, e.g. don’t match the pairs. It will give the block more life. I know it might hurt your logical mind, but trust me. It will be awesome.

  4. What a surprise to see you are doing this BOM too! So am I. I am still working on the one from 2011, the My Tweets as well. Always behind on such things. I call my Jingle project the Jingle Belle quilt BOM. I think it is ok to give ‘our’ own names to such things. 🙂

    Love the cat comments. They CAN be such stinkers and thieves!

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