WIP Wednesday: The One With The Giant Star

I’ve been working on this big ol’ monster, and have finally started quilting it!

Scrappy SwoonThe value difference between the yellow and the low-volume background isn’t as strong as it could be, but the school colors are blue and yellow. So I was sort of stuck with this, short of using only nearly-white fabrics for the background. It’s kind of a fun “I Spy” sort of thing going with the mix of prints in all the colors.

I’m going to emphasize the difference between the two with different quilting patterns and thread colors.  Right now I’m doing the blue bits in blue thread in a paisley design.  I think in the yellow I’m going to echo the shapes with gold thread, and then do a meander in all the background.

Oh hai.Meanwhile, the weather has been nice and sunny, which is a pleasant change from the snow flurries 10 days ago!

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14 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: The One With The Giant Star”

  1. Wow, I love this! I have been intimidated by the swoon blocks, but I think I could do this.

  2. Fabulous quilt- I love that you don’t have high contrast between the yellow and background, you still have the sharp lines the star needs.

  3. Wow , it really looks amazing! Blue and yellow are always nice together, they remind me of IKEA, Is that a bad thing?:)))) glad the weather is turning nicer in your neck of the woods, too!

  4. That is a lot of squares! The varying shades create a great texture. I think different quilting in the yellows and grays will give you enough differentiation between them.

  5. Love this blue and white quilt. Especially the scrappy background. First time I’ve been to your blog and now I’ll have to look back a bit. I’ve been listening for a really long time, may since your first post, but lost track last fall before the podcast hosting change. Totally my fault as I was too lazy to go switch my feed. Anyway, I spent the entire weekend sewing and catching up with your life. Love your honesty and your podcast! Thanks for taking the time to do it

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