Beachwalk Blocks 1-3

I’ve made a bit more progress on the Beachwalk quilt, and I’m loving it more and more.  Here is block 1 with block 2 now appliqued on the other side (the block still needs trimming):

Beachwalk Blocks 1 & 2Oh, you’d like a picture without a giant cat on it? Well, so would I. Guess we’ll all have to learn to live with disappointment.

Applique HelperingIt is necessary to clean one’s toes while one’s mother is attempting to trace shapes.  Or have a kitten party.

Applique HelperingExcept I guess they aren’t kittens anymore, since Nina turns one in a couple weeks. *sniff*  I think like Zoom, though, she’s going to retain her kitten-ness for the rest of her life since she’s only about 7 1/2 – 8 pounds.

After shooing the cats off, I finished block 3 as well:

Beachwalk Block 3It measures 10 x 33″, and has lots of satifyingly chubby sandpipers.  The next block has about a bazillion crabs crawling all over a sandcastle.

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