Happy Birthday Morelli!

Dear Morelli-

If it fits, I sits.Today you are One. Almost as old as your big brother/best friend, and now, finally, bigger than him too.  Where Jett is more of a fireplug, you are long and lithe. I would say that you are the epitome of grace in a cat, but to be honest, you are often as graceful as a baby giraffe – all long legs and skittering around and running into things because you haven’t quite grasped the dimensions of your own body.

Catus InterruptedYou’re a little more reserved than your brother, and very attached to him.  I think that’s one of the reasons you were in the kitten room so long, that association with Jett and his Bad Eye which scared off a lot of people. And to be honest, I don’t know that you stuck out in our minds when we entered the kitten room other than than as That Cat That Sits On Jett’s Lap. Jett sat on my son’s lap, ergo, you also sat on my son’s lap by sitting on Jett.

Birthday BoyI think your backstory is a little sad; you had a sister that came in to the shelter with you, but she died very young. You were 6 months old when we brought you home, and you’ve been nothing but joyous since.  Well, I say joyous even though when you meow it’s as if the contents of your teenage emo diary come pouring out in one mournful sound. I rarely hear you meow in another room without thinking (or yelling out loud), “MY FEELS!”. Honestly, when you adopt a large-ish kitten named after a sexy Italian cop, it’s a bit of a shock to discover that he’s more Village People Cop than tough guy cop.  A pleasant shock, however, since you are one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known.

Morelli has many feels about National Quilting Day.You are definitely in touch with your feels.  You are very clear when you need a bit of Mommy Snuggling Time; sadly (for me) it usually only lasts around 3 minutes before you get up to go find your brother, but those 3 minutes are happening more frequently, and are accompanied by your musical purr which is one of the sweetest sounds in our house (second only after bacon cooking).

I’ve had brown tabbies before, and you definitely keep up the reputation of being one of the more playful breeds (if not necessarily one of the brightest).  Your love of the fabric yo-yo’s is legendary, and not a day goes by where you aren’t carrying around a fur mouse to hide in someone’s shoe.

While you love your brother, you are less sure about having a little sister. Especially a potentially pesky spitfire of a sister like Nina, who can still fit in small spaces that you can’t. You’ll probably have a fit that I captured this on film, but sometimes you take a break from chasing her to be sweet and hold her paw.

Testing Effects of Optical Illusions on Cats

So happy birthday, my darling Big Handsome Boy. I’m so glad you’re in my life.

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  1. Since I have four cats of my own you can imagine how much I enjoyed reading this post. Happy Birthday Morelli!

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