HtbaS – Episode 125

I talk about the new quilting podcast drinking game/Bingo, Quilting Rocket Science, finishing the Labyrinth quilt, making pie pan cozies, and give a book and a TV show review.

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  1. Loved your episode as always. I listened to it today while running with the dogs and I you were the perfect partner to prevent boredom. It occurs to me that I haven’t commented here in quite a long time.

    As for the unconscious and often used phrases, I think we all do it. My Grand Son has been telling his Mum to “Be Good”! His Mum isn’t thrilled about hearing this from a two year old. I had to admit fault. As you probably remember, the last thing said in ET was “Be Good” and I loved it. I have always felt it better to tell a child to “do something positive” as opposed to “Not do something negative”. “Don’t think about pink elephants” is a good example of my rationale. . Apparently I say this far too often. Lesson learned.

    I had several other things I wanted to comment on but the walk and your podcast are over and my brain didn’t retain my comments. I LOVE your son’s quilt and if he truly isn’t fond of green, you can send it my way. My favorite color is dusty green, so this would be perfect for me! Just saying….

  2. That was a very entertaining podcast. I ate a Hershey’s kiss every time you said your catch phrase. 😉
    I somehow missed the rotary cutter sharpener review. Good or not?

  3. The last time I played a drinking game was when I was 21 and playing the board game Pass-Out. Others were drinking beer, while I was taking shots of bourbon (hate beer, after all.) I went down the hall to use the bathroom, decided I need to do a ballerina move en route, conveniently forgetting that I was drunk and that I have no dance training. My left ankle did not cooperate, and I ended up with a bum ankle for the next 25 years, until I went through aggressive PT and lost weight. I did stop drinking four years after that and have been sober since 1985. FYI, I have to,d this story many times and do not mind it being shared elsewhere.

    So, I’ll think of something else to celebrate your wonderful use of words and the joy I get from hearing you use them. I appreciate all Podcasters and hope to meet all of you over the years.

    All the best.

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