HtbaS – Episode 126

I talk about making bags, appliqueing the Beachwalk quilt, and procrastinating through productivity.

  • I recommend the Sarah Graves “Home Repair is Homicide” series if you like old houses and murder, or something like that.  Book 1 is “Dead Cat Bounce” (note: no actual dead cats in there).
  • My new niece is here! I don’t want to share her name or pictures until I get permission, but here are pictures of my kids as babies (both at 6 months old – my son on the left and daughter on the right). New Niece looks pretty similar to them, if a bit smaller:

JoyOfFeetReduxThey are both laying on quilts my MIL made them.

6 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 126”

  1. I like the Fat Quarters for catch phrases idea, very much 🙂

    I understand procrastinating through productivity. I can do it at work by polishing small things in my files as opposed to tackling big, ugly issues that don’t have certain answers.

    All the best.

  2. Extremely cute babies!

    I’ve used scotch tape on the underside of my presser foot when I was sewing bibs that I made with fabric covered with iron-on vinyl, and that worked out pretty well to keep the vinyl from sticking. (Those bibs were so cute, but never again. Turning them right side out was a nightmare.)

    1. I think mine was junior year. I believe my senior year was “King Arthur: Monarch or Mendacity?” and a paper on Christian themes in Winnie the Pooh (spoiler alert: Eeyore is Jesus!).

      1. Those themes sound positively logical compared to my senior year of college paper on why Elizabeth Barrett Browning thought her husband was God. Attribute this to it being senior year and under the influence of prescription hay fever meds. Why my professor even game me a C for this piece of junk is a mystery.

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