Labyrinth Quilt – Finished!

Labyrinth QuiltLate last night I put the finishing stitches and binding on the Labyrinth Quilt for my son.  The pattern is from the Apr/May 2012 issue of Quilt magazine; I used only 6 blocks instead of 9 to make it twin sized.

Although it was a LOT of thread starts and stops since I used a different color in each section (black, dark green, and light green), I was able to reduce the overwhelmingness of all that burying in a couple ways:

  • Bury the threads as you quilt so you aren’t having to try to find them and take care of them all once all the quilting is done. This also helps breaks up the sameness of the motion so it’s not All Quilting All The Time – there’s a bit of reaching and threading and snipping, too.Labyrinth Quilt Close-up
  • When quilting the light green sections with a khaki-ish thread, I did travel over small sections of the dark green so I wouldn’t have to stop and start so much.  On those areas, I used a Pigma pen to color the khaki thread a darker green so it blended.

As mazes go, it would be pretty easy to not get lost in this one. Mostly because there are a ton of dead ends. And places that don’t even go anywhere, like this particular section.

Labyrinth Quilt BackFor the back of the quilt, I pieced together some leftover sections from the fabrics on the front.  I just used the dark green thread in the bobbin for all the quilting, and just paid attention to my tension to make sure there weren’t bits showing through.

Someone asked on twitter, I think, whether the cats were affected at all by the optical illusion of the quilt.  They were suspiciously absent  during the basting of it, but I did lay it out when it was done to see.

So in the experiment of Effects of Optical Illusions on Cats, the stunning conclusion is:

Testing Effects of Optical Illusions on CatsWe can definitively say that cats don’t give a rat’s patootie about optical illusions.

9 Replies to “Labyrinth Quilt – Finished!”

  1. WHAT A GREAT QUILT…. I know several in my family who would love a quilt like do me a favor and do not tell them about the pattern….

    You did a great job it looks like it was a challenge.

  2. One of the first quilty tricks my Mom taught me was the beauty of a fabric marker to cover up thread when needed! Labyrinth quilt is wonderful. I’m sure your son must love it!

  3. This is amazing! I love it! Also, I’ve listened to the podcast for a while now but never gotten around to commenting because I listen in the car and that makes it difficult to remember. But I love your show, it’s great to listen to another nerdy quilter.

  4. And that’s because cats are smart — they know a comfortable quilt when they see one! Wonderful quilt, great gift for your son!

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