Petrillo Bag – Finished!

I told you guys I worked fast!

Petrillo Bag

I’m not sure I made the best choice with the  BRIGHT orange fabric, but I wanted to use my piece of Sew Stitchy for the flap (it’s got little stick pins scattered all over it).  I was afraid using too many greys would be bland, but I’m thinking I might add a little hexie embellishment or something between the straps to take away some of the orange-ness.

Some thoughts and tips on making the bag:

  • I used a combination of Pellon Fusible Fleece and Pellon Decor Bond heavyweight interfacing instead of the Soft & Stable recommended in the pattern.  Since my products were fusible, I didn’t have to baste anything, just fuse it, and I’m happy with the crispness and body in the bag.
  • In the pattern there is a call for a 6-3/4 x 10ish” for the false bottom – I didn’t see where this piece was used in the construction of the bag since the false bottom is actually made out of a different size cut.
  • When sewing the sides of the bag to the front/back piece, I found it easiest to pre-notch the side pieces where the bottom curve is by 1/4″-3/8″ (it’s a 1/2″ seam), and sew with the tear-drop shaped side pieces on the bottom when stitching.
  • Petrillo BagWhen finishing the bag by top-stitching the opening, I had skipped stitches over the part with the flap because of all the layers when using a regular universal needle (it was probably time to change the needle anyway).  When I switched to a top-stitching needle with a bigger eye, it worked beautifully.
  • I used regular magnetic clasps rather than the sew-in kind.  I’d suggest altering the placement a bit from the directions if you’re doing the same since they are a bit bigger than the sew-in ones.  For the main flap, I’d raise magnet up 1/2″ on the body of the bag (no change to the magnet on the flap itself).  For the padded pocket, I’d lower the magnet on the pocket by 1/2″ (keeping the placement on the interior flap the same).

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  1. Ahh I could’ve made a bet that you’re not gonna wait until next week to sew the pieces together after you cut them out this week. I love orange so it doesn’t bother me that the main color of the bag is orange, but that’s just me 🙂 It came out beautiful! 🙂

  2. and I was so sure that I’ll manage to cut my pieces last week and make a post on it – maybe I’ll do it today, but there’s no way I’ll make the complete bag today. but at least I figured out which fabrics to use, which is always a pain 🙂 I hear that you can also use 3mm (1/8″) upholstery foam instead of soft&stable – I just ordered some last week and will try to check how that works. but I didn’t bother to order sew-in magnets, I just use the ones I have already – the ones that you used.

    I’ll stick to Jaye’s schedule for this mini sew along 😀

  3. love it love it love it! Of course, I am an orange kind of gal… and orange and grey with sew stichy together? Yes Please! You are kick ass Pam!

  4. I don’t think it’s too bright. I think if you embellish, it should be offset in the lower right corner, over the strap, instead of centered between the straps. Just my opinion. Probably my scrapbookers brain. 🙂

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