Small Finishes with an Accidental Rant

I said on twitter that there’s nothing like a big applique project looming to inspired one to tackle a lot of little projects.  So here’s some small projects I finished lately.

Mixer CoverI’ve been meaning to make a mixer cover for a while now, so I took out my gingham/cherry fabric and tackled it using this tutorial. Rather than add piping and have raw seams on the inside, however, I sewed the quilted panel with interior sides together, and then did a traditional quilt binding on the exposed seams, which mimics binding.

See-Through Zipper PouchI also had a pattern for a zipper pouch with a vinyl window I’d been meaning to make, so I made it with the same fabrics I used for the purse insert. I’m not linking to the pattern designer because it was HORRIBLY written.  I got three steps in and just made it up myself because the directions made ZERO sense. I ended up sewing the two sides together and then overlocking the seam so you can see it through the window, but that was about the best I could do.

You’ll note I staged the photo with a rotary cutter and seam ripper because that’s apparently all people carry in see-through pouches?  I was Googling tutorials to get ideas on how to finish it once it was clear the pattern was crap, and that’s all anyone had in their pictures – rotary cutters and seam rippers. I’m sorry, but I don’t view a rotary cutter as one of those super-portable tools I’d haul around for hand piecing. Sheesh. Maybe I should have staged mine with mini bar bottles and spare tampons?

Sorry, writing about sewing that pouch got me all riled up again.  Here are pictures of cats to sooth us all again.

He does actually fit in there

Boyz being Boyz

4 Replies to “Small Finishes with an Accidental Rant”

  1. When I was first learning to quilt (pretty much first learning how to sew too) I tried to make something using a pattern and just couldn’t figure it out, quitting halfway through figuring I was just being stupid or was too much a beginner for it. I was complaining to my mother later about not having been able to figure the thing out, beating myself up over it. My Mom read through the pattern and said, “no wonder–this doesn’t make any sense at all!” You can’t even begin to know what a relief that was to hear! I wasn’t just an idiot–the pattern was the problem! That was a huge learning experience for me. Patterns can be wrong. Who knew? In any case, your bag turned out really cute anyway. Maybe a kitten would fit in the see-through pocket.

  2. LOL Spare tampons would be very appealing in the see-through part 🙂 Maybe mixed with some pads? 🙂 sorry that just makes me laugh. I really like your mixer cover, is that a kitchen aid? Kitties are adorable as always, specially the cuddly ones on the sewing machine! Nina is MIA 🙂

  3. I laughed at the rotary cutter rant, because, last week I posted photos of a toddler apron I made and to show the pocket I grabbed the nearest item. My rotary cutter. 🙂 I did note that I was not going to let her carry it around. And, while not intentional, it gave a good size reference, since most people who sew these days know about how big a rotary cutter is.

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