This Week in Sewing

Teacher's ToteFirst up, the tote bag I finished for the teacher that’s been helping me get signatures on the quilt blocks at school. It’s primarily quilting cotton backed with Pellon Decor Bond heavyweight interfacing.  That khaki fabric is a heavy twill.

Next up, some helpering as I prepared to make the pie pan cozies:

Step 1: Get some helpers.Seasonal Pie Pan CoziesAnd here are the 3 finished ones and the 4th still on the machine since I don’t think I’ll get to finish it until after dark tonight.

I also had to share my gluestick for an art project my daughter was working on, so I’m hoping it comes back relatively soon.

And finally, this is happening. SOON.  Well, soon-ish, after I finish the Beachwalk one from McKenna Ryan.


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  1. Pam, your bag looks beautiful! Isn’t helpering the most important part of preparation! I see quality control is also present:)))

  2. I’ve so been eyeing the Wind and Whiskers from McKenna Ryan! Did you order the fabrics too or just the patterns? I’m debating with myself…I have so many others to finish but this is SOOOO cute! And we already know I have a problem with cat stuff, lol.

  3. Hi Pam,
    I was listening to your podcast and had a question about burying your thread tails when you are quilting (as you go, or afterward). Are these thread tails on the top of the fabric from when you begin a line/pattern of stitching, or are these from when you end your stitching? My machine has an automatic thread cutter (lovely, lovely) so my thread tails when I finish stitching are very short – less than 1/2″ I think. I usually just trim them off, but maybe I should be doing something different like leaving them longer and burying them afterward. Hmm. Could you explain to me what you do.

    1. The answer to your question is “yes”! I was referring to both the beginning and ending thread tails. My machine (a Janome) also has an automatic thread cutter, and the tails are about 1/4″ long, too short to bury. When I’m ready to stop stitching, I raise the presser foot a bit (I use a knee lift for this part) and move the quilt about an inch or more, put the presser foot down, and then press the thread cutter button. That still gives me the satisfying KA-CHUNK of cutting the thread, but leaving me enough to bury the ending threads as well.

  4. Pam, is there a pattern for the tote bag? Maybe I missed it on the podcast. thanks, Deanna

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