WIP Wednesday: Beachwalking

I finally buckled down and started the actual applique for the Beachwalk quilt. Of course I first had to sort out the fabric from the kit and label and organize all of them, and then pull out the fabrics for the first block, and then pick the best coloration within the fabric for the individual applique pieces.  But then! It all comes together and voila!

Beachwalk Block 1Now before you think I’m really bad at centering, Block 2 gets appliqued on the left hand side there.  I’ll work on that one next.

When I’m sick of applique, I’ll take a break to put together the top for the signature quilt for my daughter’s teacher.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Beachwalking”

  1. It looks beautiful already. It never even crossed my mind that nothing will be on the left:) Those Adirondacks beach chairs remind me of Cape Cod and the peace and quiet on the beach while watching the seals swim by. Thank you for sharing now this will be the picture of the day in my head. Calm 🙂

  2. In the ‘rules’ of photography, you actually don’t want your subject to be in the center of the photo. You generally follow the rule of ‘thirds’, which you’ve got just right here! It’s a gorgeous piece, I look forward to seeing it progress.

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