Happy Birthday Nina!

Here's my gorgeous Nina girl.Dear Nina,

I can’t believe that you are a year old! You are a petite beauty that combines the best of both Zoom and Zapper; tt might be a disservice to compare you to other cats, but I can’t help it. I have a hunch you will be eternally kittenish like Zoom, not just because of your slight build as you’ve topped out at 7 1/2 pounds, but also because you are a consummate player-of-things. Because your brothers are in a love affair with each other, you frequently turn to me when it’s time to snuggle by standing on whatever is close and reaching your paws up to my left shoulder until I cup your butt in my hand and you fall asleep on my shoulder.  This is a very Zapper-like trait.

The Ninavore in her natural habitatYou seem to be at your best self in the middle of the night, when you slip into your Unbearable Cuteness of Being routine. You have slept, snuggled at my hip, until 1 or 2 am, and then decide that 1 or 2am is the proper time for belly rubs. So you stretch to an impossible length, belly up, and then wave your paws in the air as if you just don’t care. Except you do care, quite a bit, and will gently nip if said belly rubs are not forthcoming. Then you bounce up and sproing off for a midnight snack.

Nina is an interior decoratorSproinging seems to be your primary method of conveyance. This is delightful to me, yet slightly maddening to Fred.  The grown-ups in the house think you and Fred would get to be BFFs if only a) Fred was a little bored of you and 2) you didn’t try to stare him down like malevolent pigeon every time you saw him. Neither of you seem to be backing down on your respective stances, though, so it’s all hot dog bribes and time-outs for a while yet.

I call you The Ninavore the most often, but have also referred to you as Precious Puddin, Orange Purrbert, and HEY QUIT THAT.  So far, you have not quit That Thing You Were Doing, which usually consists of the following:

Nina: “You like this thing?” *points to thing on edge of counter/couch arm/table/etc.*

Me: “Yes, I like that thing.”

Nina: “Oh, this thing?” *pokes the thing in question*

Me: …

Nina: “Well… FORGET THIS THING!” *knocks thing on floor*


So Happy Birthday, precious girl! Don’t stop doing Your Thing.

6 Replies to “Happy Birthday Nina!”

  1. I love orange cats! I have two orange brothers, although at 15-16 pounds each they are more
    thsn twice the size of Nina, lol. Happy birthday pretty girl 🙂

  2. Aww, I love to read your mini stories written to the kitties! Hope you gave her special treats for her extra special day!:) Happy Birthday again, Nina!

  3. Happy birthday, Nina! Orange kitties are awesome.

    Vladimir is very keen on the “you like this thing?” game, too.

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