Saturday BOMing

Blocks as far as the eye can see!

Going Coastal - Block 12

First up is the last Going Coastal block. I need to decide if I want to do straight set ($30 finishing kit) or on point set ($80 finishing kit).  I might even have the yardage to do the sashing out of my stash, and just get the border fabric from the shop since I really like what they picked for the batik border fabric.  And will determine backing as well, since I have a fun rainbow-ish batik that might work.  I have a 20% off coupon one item burning a hole in my pocket so I need to decide tomorrow after my guild meeting!

Royal Gardens - Block 5

Next up is Royal Gardens, which I feel I might have messed up somehow.  The block is the same as the first block, but with different value placement.  The problem, though, is the that the shading of the assembly illustrations don’t seem to have been updated for the new placement so I just turned my units until I was happy with the placement.

Jingle - Applique Block 3

And finally here’s the 3rd applique block for Jingle.  There should be three berries at the tip of each yellow flower, but Erin left them off the applique chart and posted that they were the same size as previous ones.  I might add them later, or I might poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick. I’m not sure which would be less pleasurable.  I am digging that chrysanthemum print for the cardinal wing, since it looks a bit like feathers.

I’m off to finish the binding on the Signature quilt!

3 Replies to “Saturday BOMing”

  1. Going Coastal still looks AWESOME! I didn’t even notice the birdie’s wing that it’s truly a flower, great job on it! :)) It does look like feathers. Poking yourself in the eye might not be the bestest idea. Just sayin’ :)))

  2. I don’t know which is worse…those little red berries or endless green leaves on the other applique’ project I am doing. lol

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