WERQ that Swoon – Finished!


In my podcast today I mentioned the Swoon quilt I had made for a friend this week.

Most of the fabric comes from the Sophie line from Moda, which is a couple years old.  I know she likes retro prints, so it was a perfect fit (plus I had made her other things from the line which she liked).

Rather than do the straight sashing, I added some cornerstones to help me keep the blocks lined up, and added some star points to the center one to make a little tiny Hunter’s star.


I used the waste triangles from the flying geese for top/bottom borders, as well as a row on the pieced back.  I’m happy with how it turned out, and hope it helps her feel a little better.  The name comes from RuPaul’s Drag Race, which is a common interest of ours (and is honestly the tamest of the phrases I could use!).


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  1. I also like piecing backs and using scraps with the same project. This is a wonderful and creative use of those scraps. And I love the hunter’s star! So cute!

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