WIP Wednesday: Lintpocalypse

LintpocalypseBefore sharing what I sewed this week, I wanted to share what happened after I sewed last week.  This what my bobbin case looked like after sewing the denim quilt.  The denim itself wasn’t too bad, but the red flannel was pretty heinous, and the thread I was using (not Aurifil, which is my usual piecing thread, but a thicker cotton) took a big linty dump all over my machine.

LintpocalypseAlso, I got a new camera and I’m liking it very much. And I don’t even have to use Velcro and SuperGlue to keep the battery door closed!

Here’s the Lintpocalypse after.  I used my LED light to really spotlight the horror. My machine felt much better afterwards, and was back to its normal quiet self.

Bunnywind DownsAnywho, this also has been a WIP for the house – the fence to enclose the new Bunnywind Downs!  We need to put in a gate on our wrap-around porch so Fred can’t escape that way, and then he’ll be free to explore the backyard to his heart’s content. The human kids are also excited they have a new place to “explore” this summer since we didn’t really encourage exploration of the woods behind our house before, and now there’s lots of secret tree stands and forts to build.

HelperingAnd now actual sewing, which is sort of a secret since it’s a quilt for a friend.

I’m sure you all can imagine that of the 30 pictures I’ve taken with the new camera, about 25 of them have cats in them.

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4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Lintpocalypse”

  1. A new fence for animals is always a pleasant arrival:) Keeps everyone safe and happy!

    I have a MC6500 as well. Do you love it?! How do you like the leg pedal vs. the foot control pedal to sew?

  2. Yes, more cat pictures. I only have 4 cats, so I need my fix! (Seriously, love the podcast).

  3. I broke a needle and it went down into the bobbin case. I couldn’t get it out without removing the sole plate. The sole plate was on so tight that DH had to help me get it off. Lintpocalypse indeed! We pulled out a tennis ball sized amount of lint. The machine does sound happier.

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