WIP Wednesday: Taking it Easy (Street)

In truth I am taking it easy with the sewing this week for two main reasons:

  1. It’s the last week of school and we’re going on vacation and my lady times are upon me and it’s really hard to see through this veil of tears, which are a result of aforementioned reasons.
  2. I’ve also gotten caught up in a jigsaw puzzle. As has Morelli.

"I'll just hold these pieces down for you."Not surprising to anyone who knows me, it’s a puzzle with quilts and a cat on it.

Easy Street ReduxI have plodded along on a couple other projects, though, and have finished the setting triangles (both side and corners) for Easy Street Redux.  The main colors are teal, purple, and a warm brown.  My constant is a paler green with a floral print on it, and I’m using the same cream tones for my background.  I’m hoping to get the B blocks pieced before vacation, if only so I don’t have to leave them out on my sewing table where the cats will frolic with them in my absence.

Stuff on my catWhen not piecing I’ve been cutting out some pieces for another Scrappy Swoon, which will be a wedding present. I’ve got the blues and the creams cut out for it, but need some more white on white prints for the background (I’m doing a low contrast on the background and the ring part of the star with blue in the middle to help me figure out value contrast). I’m in the “readying to sprint” phase of this project, and will probably whip it up after Beachwalk and Easy Street Redux this summer.  Morelli has been extra helper-ful with this as well.

Morelli, you have been charged with too much helpering. Back in the box.

A tisket, a tasket

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