WIP Wednesday – TGIW

Want to know what I’m working on this week?

WIP Wednesday.

A tan. And about five novels worth of reading (finished books 2 & 3 of the Kate Shugak mysteries, Inferno by Dan Brown, and am in the middle of re-reading Outlander by Diana Galbadon and book 4 of Kate Shugak).

Star Wars Skirts

Here’s a little thing I made before our vacation for my niece. Who is absolutely ADORABLE.  And the best part? I earned her FIRST official smile.  My sister is still sort of mad about it, but oh well! I win at aunt-ing!

Onesies are from Target, and Star Wars fabric is (naturally) leftovers from my Star Wars quilts.  The waistband is from a knit remnant I found at JoAnn’s.

6 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – TGIW”

  1. Have fun!! I’m looking forward to hearing what you thought of Inferno…. I have mixed feelings… 🙂

  2. Have a fantastic time. I too am on vacation from sunny Scotland to dull and rainy Chicago. I’m feeling just a little cheated. Och I, catch up with you on your next podcast and look forward to hearing all about your break. – Annie in Scotland

  3. Have a great time relaxing! Love the Star Wars skirt. Look at the blog post I wrote about the last quilt shop I visited. There was a Star Wars panel that made me think of you.

  4. I can’t believe I found you. We enjoy so MANY of the same things. I listened to podcasts 1-5 yesterday while working on my May UFO. I still am only about halfway through the UFO so I will continue to work my way to your current posting.

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