WIP Wednesday: WIP It Good.

Now you, too, have that Devo song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

This week I’ve been plotting the layout for Going Coastal since I finished the last block. I’m going with the simpler layout of the two versions at Tiny Stitches (the $30 one!), but will be adding small hunter stars in the cornerstones (and adding cornerstones for that matter!).  It’s the same layout used as in the Layer Cake Quilt Along so I can cut the tiny hunter star points out of the scraps from the blocks over the last year.

I also got a touch of the Quilter’s ADD and went all “SQUIRREL!” when I got my denim quilt kit from Jenny this weekend.  I’ve had some red flannel from JoAnn’s, in which the color still runs after FOUR washings, that I cut up for the backing of the denim blocks.  It’s helping kill two bird with one pink-stained stone because I can use up some yardage that I had no previous purpose for and make a quick quilt for the very end of baseball season because apparently Georgia is refusing to take calls from Spring and it’s still rather chilly in May.  Anywho, I’m stitching that too, is what I’m saying.

If she only had thumbs...And because my camera is acting up and I don’t have a picture of what I’m sewing, here’s an old picture of Nina, who turns one on Friday.

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  1. Thanks (?) for the earworm. I think we in VA are going to skip spring this year too. It’s still chilly and rainy.

  2. She’s so intrigued looking at the birds outside! 🙂 Can’t wait to see the fabulous Going Coastal quilt! The stars will be shining for sure! :))) Oh, and just so you know: Spring says hi, it’s staying a little bit longer in the North before heading South :))

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