Assorted Saturday Sampler Blocks

Over the weekend, I caught up on my blocks for the Saturday Sampler program with Tiny Stitches. I missed my normal 1st Saturday pick up day since we were coming home from the beach that day, and I wanted to get back on my schedule.

Royal Gardens - Block 6First up, the next Royal Gardens block.  The shop is also offering the first set of sashing for the quilt if you want to make the queen size.  I’m tempted to do it, but I’m not sure if a queen size quilt in this darkish purple and cream is what I’m looking for.  While I’m a fan of it, unless I upsize it to a king for my bed, I don’t think either of my kids are going to be a fan of it so not sure where to put it in my home.

Anyway, I suppose I’ll worry about that later. Like Scarlett O’Hara. With fewer dresses made out of curtains. And bitter carrots and burning of Atlanta. But otherwise, yes, just the same.

Saturday Soiree - Block 1Since Going Coastal is finished, the new program called Saturday Soiree started up.  It’s a two-color quilt, and I chose the blue/white over the red/white colorway. Again, I don’t have a solid destination for this quilt either, but the blue and white could work for either kid or a lap quilt. I’m thinking I might add some lime green or something in the sashing to give it a little kick.

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  1. I think they were bitter turnips that Scarlett tried to chow down on. I read GWTW three times the year I turned eight, after the movie had scared me silly at age seven [Dr. Meade having to take a gangrenous arm off really freaked me out.]

    Is the designed for Royal Garden listed? It looks like a Monique Dillard from Open Gate quilts design to me. I’ve been doing her free BOM and enjoying the same.

    All the best.

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