Charity Quilts – Finished!

Knowing that the meeting at the end of July for the East Cobb Quilters Guild is focused on charity quilts, I thought I should step up production for a bit.  I got on a roll and finished two small kids quilts in the last couple days.  First up is “Gnomebody Knows”.

Gnomebody KnowsI based the colors on brights found in the yellow print, which features a bunch of different gnomes. The red is a flannel (the same I used as back for the denim quilt), and I’ve decided that flannel binding is for the birds.  It’s just too thick.

I do love the cheerfulness of this, and there’s something fun about a quilt that doesn’t have a white or neutral background.  The center is 5″ squares with a 1 1/2″ border, and then 3 1/2″ squares in the border. It’s straight line quilted.

Pink PimingosThe second finish I call Pink Pimingos, which is a funny way one my kids said “flamingos” when they were younger.  The colors alternate green, white, and scrappy pink 5″ squares based on the border fabric.

It is also straight line quilted, and was quick to come together.  The binding went much more smoothly on this quilt than the Gnome one.  I find this color combination is very soothing, and also very 80’s Lacoste preppy now that I dwell on it.

Pink PimingosI also think of this in my head as Jaye-inspired, since she tweeted a picture of this flamingo fabric she had in her stash (in a different colorway) and called it ugly.  It reminded me that I had this fabric in the border, but hadn’t used it yet. And that I didn’t think it was ugly when I bought it!


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