HtbaS – Episode 132

I’m back! I talk about our beach vacation, putting together the Going Coastal quilt, reading A LOT of books on vacation, and some philosophical talk about seeking balance in my life.

Side note: I changed the embedded player for the podcast since I got some feedback that the old one was randomly stopping the podcast.  I’m hoping that helps the problem, so let me know if any of you have issues!

This picture from our vacation might make an awesome art quilt some day:

Water Sprite

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 132”

  1. That Magiquest thing sounds like so much fun! I wish it had been around when my stepdaughter was still a kid.

    It’s been over ten years since the last time I had a really severe and lengthy episode of depression, and it still freaks me out a little anytime I end up feeling down for more than a day or so — I start worrying that it’s going to happen again, and ugh. I don’t worry as much as I used to, but it’s still there to some degree.

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