HtbaS – Episode 133

I spend about 15 minutes talking about life stuff (tornadoes! car trouble! gymnastics! health! PMS!) before getting to quilting talk, but then I talk about charitable quilting this week and give a book review.

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  1. Your daughter sounds sort of like me. I was terrified to try something I wasn’t sure I had already mastered. I think it is the curse of some gifted kids because we don’t get a lot of practice learning stuff. Also, I was not an athlete as a child primarily because I was told kids with Asthma couldn’t be active. Sure am glad that rule was thrown out! Tell your daughter we are loving hearing about her do gymnastics.

  2. I read “Here I Go Again” by Jen Lancaster and had mixed feelings about it. It was entertaining but unbelievable and a bit silly. Still, the message was a good one – sort of on the line of the Butterfly Effect. I already have “The Tao of Martha” on the hold list at the library and, after hearing your review, am now looking forward to reading it. I do love grabbing books that have been recommended by others.

  3. Gymnastics was my savior. I was shy, not really super athletic and very quiet (stop laughing! It’s true). I found a place to belong and something I could almost anywhere. It also helped with my spatial acuity. I am a fairly driven person and to make my body do what I wanted it to do, something that others couldn’t really do, was a great ego booster.

    Congrats on all the exercise. I am sure it is good for your mood. I feel better, even subtly when I work out. I am thinking of adding another workout to my week, but I don’t know. We’ll see.

  4. I have not read the latest Jen Lancaster, but am glad to hear that she’s pacing herself in Martha Land.

    “Breakup” was one of my favorite Kate Shugak books. I like how everything crazy in the Park was attributed to Breakup madeness or fever or what have you. I think about that every spring when the weather is so fickle.

    I am not sure that I would like those omniscent forwards to the earlier novels. Part of the joy of the series is watching how Kate moves forward through her life. I would not want to know who will be exiting stage left, as it were.

    All the best.

  5. What was interesting was that my sister and I were talking about the ways of being positive and encouragement for our children without being judgmental. The simple words of ” I love to watch you do_____.” Giving our children self confidence when they do it whenever and where ever they are.

  6. Somehow I have gotten two weeks behind on my podcasts but it was meant to be. Today I needed a mental break so got in the car ALONE and drove up to the fish market even though it was rush hour. Put on this episode and was immediately laughing out loud (about Schroedinger’s husband and the cats commenting about the storm story) and tearing up (about your girl’s personal growth and the work stuff) and could feel myself physically unwind. Thank you!

    I love the idea that my temporary not-my-dream-job is just a sponsor for my quilting. Although, if that were part of the bargain I’d be in trouble since I haven’t touched it (except a few hexies on our road trip) in about a month.

    I even missed the quilt show. Tragic!

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