HtbaS – Episode 134

This week I talk about being sort of cranky. Then there is some quilting talk about charity quilts and Easy Street, and I share the judge’s comments from my entries into the Georgia Celebrates Quilts show last week.

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  1. Sorry you’re having a rough week. I’m older than you & still do seriously stupid things and I’m always wishing I’d bitten off my tongue rather than said what just came out of my mouth. Hope your weekend is good!

  2. I feel your feels. Crap week here to. Here’s hoping next week picks up for everyone.

    Go tickle some kitty toes, with any luck one if the four cats next door will come say hello for a quick snuggle.

  3. Like the others said, getting older doesn’t mean that you stop saying or doing stupid things. I think it means that you save it all up for one big stupid thing and then feel crummy about it. I think that’s progress, though, since the frequency is down and the sensitivity is up. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    I was listening to your podcast as I was driving to work yesterday and I could feel your pain about Kate Shugak and the big thing. How about some nice magical realism to take your mind off it? Sarah Addison Allen’s books worked for me and Frances from The Off-Kilter Quilt. Nice stories with happy endings!

    All the best.

  4. I am not reading the Kate Shugak books. After you being mad about certain actions, I am just not going there. I really like the Sarah Addison Allen books. I read them all (well. listened) and would listen again. I may have this wrong, but am thinking this is also vampire-y/ half human-y and am not into either. Just finished Sweet Talk by Julie Garwood. Good male character and GREAT male-female relations (wink) scenes. Not for the G crowd.

    And, as an aside, I am not sure what to think about this:

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