WIP Wednesday: Easy as Pie

Jett & Morelli are on Easy StreetI’ve been making slow and steady progress on Easy Street Redux.  I’ve got the center pieced together and the first border on. Except I think I’ve change my mind about the first border and think I might take it off and replace it. I used a print when I think a solid would look better, but I didn’t have enough of the print to use for a large outer border. Jett and Morelli don’t give a rats’ patootie, though, and have insisted on laying all over the blocks and/or top whenever I leave it alone.

Jett Approved Charity Quilt TopAnyway, as part of getting it the size I want, I’ve been piecing together a side border out of HSTs and simultaneously putting together another top for a charity quilt. I’ve got some more of the white fabric cut for an outer border, so it’ll end up 50″ square or so with a lot less cat hair on it when it’s done.

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  1. I like the quilts, especially the charity quilt. The colors are great.

    But my first reaction of the pictures is that they were of cat crashes and not quilts. Cute! (I’m living through other people’s cats as I am catless at this time.)

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