Donation Quilts

I’ve finished a couple donation quilts this week that will end up at the East Cobb Quilters Guild meeting later this month.  This brings my total to 4 quilts and 15 placemats!

Dark Swirls

First up is Dark Swirls.  I made this out of alternating strips of leftover black and rainbow fabric from the back of Furever Homes and various colors to complement.  The design is a little plain, so I jazzed it up with some swirl quilting in the colored strips (and straight line in the black strips).

I needed practice on my swirls.  In fact, I still do, but they are better.

Dark SwirlsBoy BricksThe second quilt was made from my Bricks tutorial. When cutting scraps, I’ll cut a 10″ square and stick it in the designated 10″ square bin. That bin was getting pretty full, so I picked out 30 squares in blues, greens, and a smidge of purple to cut into the bricks and just pieced them together randomly.

I did some straight line quilting to finish it off, and voila! A quilt.

(Episode going up a little later today once I shed myself of children!)

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  1. OMG. Just listened to podcast 135…. LOLOL we could be sisters and I could be the older one. We must both have the same sence of humor.
    I love sy fi fan and love to quilt. What a combo. Aerospace inspector…..hahahahah. Everyone tells me to smile all the time when I am not even sad. I am just thinking.

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