HtbaS – Episode 139

This week I talk about fitness progress, the Northern Beach Lights quilt, getting started on the Star Surround QAL, and how Newton’s Three Laws of Motion apply to quilting, fitness, and life.

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  1. Oh yay, I can get a FitBit! I looked at their site a while back and misread what it said and thought you could only sync the gadget with a mobile-type device, and it said it was only compatible with ipod touch 5th gen (mine is 4th) and I was briefly sad and then moved on. But when you mentioned yours was 3rd gen, I was all, “hey, how is she using that with a fitbit?” and went back and lo, the first thing they mention you can sync it to is a PC. Yay reading skills! I may save up and get one — it sounds like it would be fun and motivating.

  2. I think it’s my first time of commenting on an actual episode and on top of everything I’m all caught up! Proud of me? 🙂 So here it is:
    Kudos to you for speaking up at the guild meeting! You totally deserve a chance comparing how much work you put in charity stuff, regardless.
    Congratulations on running the 5K I know how proud you feel it’s a big accomplishment for people who don’t do sports regularly. I was shocked to hear you’re 5’8″, somehow I thought you were in the 5’5″ category :)))
    So you have no iPhone, but got a new iPod. That’s still nerdy to me! 🙂
    Those were my 2 cents, keep on podcasting pretty please! 🙂

  3. Some day, I’ll be a grown up and exercise, but not today. Good for you for powering through your Beach Walk quilting.

  4. Good for you for resisting the lure of the smart phones! I have one of each – old school flip phone for work, and a personal iPhone. I upgraded my flip phone last year for a few reasons: 1. to be able to post pictures to FB and Twitter “live”, and not have to wait until downloading from the camera, 2. not having to carry both a phone AND a camera, 3. DH and DS1 had them and I was jealous of the cool apps (like FB and Twitter), 4. downloading podcasts to my mp3 player was an annoyingly tedious process.

    I enjoyed the Maze Runner series a few months ago. I just read the first book of a YA steampunk trilogy you might like – Leviathan, by Scott Westerfeld.

    I liked your quilty interpretation of the laws of motion. I did grin, though, and imagine many listeners cringing when you mentioned physics. Maybe the 2nd law could be F(un)=mass(of fabric) x acceleration(of sewing needle)?

    Thanks for another great episode, and congrats on finishing the 5K training program!

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