July Block Round-up

Royal Gardens - Block 7I spent today catching up on BOMs and Saturday Sampler blocks after my guild meeting (and guild breakfast and guild lunch – we like to hang out together!).

First up is the 7th Royal Gardens block. As best I can tell, there are six block designs, and each is repeated but with different fabrics.  I’m not opposed to this, but I do like getting unique block designs out of the program.

I still need to tackle the Royal Gardens sashing kit I got a couple weeks ago, but perhaps I’ll save that for when I’m trying to stall on another project!

Saturday Soiree - Block 2

Next up is the Saturday Soiree block for the other Saturday Sampler program that Tiny Stitches is running. I will say I was surprised how this is put together – the corner sections look like it would be the white print square sewn to a blue paisley square of same size, and then attached to a rectangle of blue paisley. Instead, it’s actually a Shaded Four Patch block (familiar to those of you who did Easy Street! My link is to Kati’s block for her tutorial on it).

And finally, I caught up on the Jingle blocks, one applique and one pieced block.

Jingle - Applique Block 4  Jingle - Pieced Block 4
Whew. Now I’m ready to sandwich and quilt Scrappy Swoon Redux!

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