Velocity (Comma) Girl Bag – Finished!

Velocity (Comma) Girl

I am very pleased to show my latest bag, and now new summer purse, the Velocity (Comma) Girl bag from Sew Sweetness. Pardon the dreary photos, though, since it’s been raining for 4 days now. Bleh!

I used a charm pack of Comma from Zen Chic, pieced into panels to fit the pattern size.  I paired with a grey grunge print from Basic Grey. I took some liberties with piecing to get the pieces the right size, adding strips of the grunge to the bottom of 4 pieced charms for the side panels and the divider pockets (inside and outside).  I love the colors from Zen Chic, so it works for both summer and fall.

For the little piping bit on the exterior pocket, I used that bright, almost neon, orange from my casserole carrier and the Petrillo bag.

Velocity (Comma) Girl I didn’t make too many other changes to the construction of the bag.  I did sub in Decor Bond, a heavyweight interfacing, for the ShapeFlex on the strap since I like the straps a little more sturdy.

I wasn’t able to find a big metal ring for the one end of the strap, so I bought a two pack of metal sliders at JoAnn’s and pried the crossbar off one of them to just use the rectangle in place of the ring.  It was also a nice way to make sure the finishes on the hardware all matched.

Velocity (Comma) Girl

I think if I make this bag again in the future, I’ll add an inch of width to the side panel. It measures 4″ finished, but I think 5″ wide finished would fit better for the amount of stuff I have to haul around usually.  I think adding piping to the exterior seams would give it a little more crispness and definition, too.

But for now I’m very happy with it, and glad I got to use a charm pack I loved but wasn’t sure what to do with!

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  1. I love, love, love the bag. Looks like the perfect purse. You are such a professional. How in the world did you get the snaps in there? Thanks for your podcast and blog. It always makes me happy.

  2. It looks awesome!

    I have a pretty dismal selection of bag hardware available locally, so I’ve been getting mine from strapworks dot com (didn’t want to set off any spam filters there with the link!) They’re inexpensive, but everything I’ve bought has been good quality, and the shipping was amazingly quick — only a couple days to get from Oregon to Ohio. You can get hardware powder coated in a ton of colors too, which I did for the hardware for the bag I’m working on (my husband asked for a man purse, so I’m making a messenger bag to his specifications). This is the first time I’ve gotten the powder coated stuff, so I don’t know how well to coating holds up to day-to-day use, but it looks fantastic and didn’t cost much more (and only took 2 extra days when they said it’d take 5, so that was a happy surprise). I promise they’re not paying them to shill their stuff all over the internet, but they’ve been so awesome that I’ve been telling anyone who might want bag hardware about them.

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