Charitable Quilt Donations

Teen Boy Leader & Ender QuiltOver the last two weeks, I’ve finished up two charity projects to donate.  The first is made from various orphan blocks and units and pieced as leaders & enders while putting together any number of other projects recently.

You can see my regular 2″ L&E’s as the small squares, but also 3 1/2″ squares from my scrap stash, orphan flying geese, hourglass blocks, and a set of tiny 1″ HSTs from some long-finished project.  The main theme of these quilt was that it be suitable for a teenage boy, so the blues and greens and browns dominate.

Teen Boy Leader & Ender QuiltThe back is also pieced from various scraps of hunter and olive greens, and the binding is scrappy in the same colors as well.

The finished quilt is somewhere around 56×68, I think.  It’s all straight line quilted since I figured loops or meanders would be a little too girly for it!

And speaking of girly, I also put together this small-ish girly quilt from some orphaned log cabin blocks donated to the East Cobb Quilters’ Guild.  There were 20 blocks total, and I couldn’t reconcile myself to having a “half row” of log cabins if I did a 4×5 block layout, so I went with 4×4 and some fan-like cornerstones.  This one finishes at 42×42″.

Baby Girl Charity Quilt


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  1. I love the randomness of the boy quilt even though I myself am really not good with random :))) I would’ve never noticed the flying geese and hourglass if you haven’t pointed it out. And the girly log cabin is such a soft-looking quilt!

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