HtbaS – Episode 141

I give a little fitness update and talk about the book giveaway going on right now, my upcoming retreat, working on a quilt top using leaders & enders, finishing the Beachwalk quilt, and all the cutting I have to do to get ready for the next steps in a couple different projects.

2 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 141”

  1. I believe that unfortunate bathroom accidents tend to happen and am glad to hear tha your sn is doing fine. My son managed to get his thumb slammed in a bathroom window in 2nd grade as he was standing outside the Girls Bathroom (don’t ask!) and an unidentified girl slammed the window shut. He ended up with stitches and a lovely hand wrap for his First Communion.

    I agree that books should be written in order.

    Looking forward to Broadchurch.

    All the best.

  2. I know I am a week behind, but I heard you mention the President’s quilt for the AMQG. I nipped that concept in the bud at BAMQG right away. I suggested gift bags. The concept is that someone makes a bag for each officer and everyone else brings a small thing (new, unopened; fqs, pins, wonderclips, pincushion, spool of thread, etc) for each bag. The officers really enjoy opening them and there is no quiltmaking-on-deadline drama. People can also participate depending on their budget and time. I am not knocking quilts, of course. I have found that the quilts I have seen made would not be welcome in my house (too much beige and Civil War). I am sure yours is completely fabulous and gorgeous and everyone will be swooning when you take it out of the packaging. Just a thought.

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