HtbaS – Episode 142

This week I give a fitness/anxiety update, the book giveaway, a new book giveaway, and making progress on a couple different projects but finishing none of them. Also, my cats judge me.

5 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 142”

  1. I just listened to you this podcast. Work got busy for two years but I am back listening to podcasts. I plan to go backwards and catch up. Thanks for still hanging in there.

  2. Have listened to your podcast since the beginning, don’t comment often since I am usually several weeks behind. Would like to enter you drawing if it is still open. Keep up the good work. BTW, I listen to you and other quilting pod casts when I run : )

  3. Hey Pam. Apparently I have problems reading instructions also, or maybe just counting as some of my Star Surround blocks have too many pieces and others too few. I also chose to make the honking 20 block size. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, using up stash. About anxiety, I have a quote I read somewhere that I try to remember (and am probably saying wrong) to the effect that you shouldn’t allow yourself to worry obsessively because most of the terrible things you imagine never happen and if they do, you’ve lived it twice. That will be 5 cents, and you are welcome.

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