HtbaS – Episode 144

It’s a Very Special Episode, and now twice as long! Lots of shout outs and hollas to my peeps. I talk about a fitness update, finishing the Teen Boy Leader & Ender Quilt, making the best use of my walking foot, finishing the top for Star Surround, and finished up Silver Star.

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  1. Hey Pam, really enjoyed the podcast with Allison! Note that I didn’t call it gross ‘-) Your Silver Star quilt is lovely, fun border with the tiny HST’s. I made a patriotic version as a donation a few years back, and perhaps need to make another one with the stash fabrics that apparently I bought just to look at (yes a lot of them go together). Perhaps blue and green and silver accents on white…Thanks!

  2. Green with envy! I cannot even remember all the comments on this episode…I was just shouting at my phone and chiming in the whole time. Not sure why you were laughing about me and not sure I want to know.

    I do remember being surprised that Pam can’t drive a stick shift. That seems so obvious. Also, that Allison came up with the phrase “differential feed” first. What the what?

    This was a hilarious episode and the perfect way to kick of my #LDSI weekend. Thanks to both of you!

  3. Oh, I SO hope Allison comes back right away!!! PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE!!! I really LOVED your podcast! (please don’t be jealous Pam, I still love your podcast too) All of you guys have inspired me to start quilting and sewing again, to believe I deserve to do things that I enjoy, even if my housework isn’t finished. Ok, I have some issues — but seriously, you guys have all helped.

    I am just 15 minutes into this episode, and I had to stop and comment. Thank you Pam for all of the work you put into your podcast and blog, and you too Allison. I really hope you come back.

    In the past week I have finally gotten the courage up and put an embroidery foot on my Kenmore (Janome), which has a normal low shank foot, and have been practicing free-motion by making bookmarks out of stiff felt with scraps free motion embroidered onto them. I’ll get around to posting a picture on my blog eventually. Today I am sewing a bunch of long strips of fabric together that I picked up at a thrift shop, to make a skirt out of. It practices my 1/4 inch seams, and still get something cool in the end.

  4. I listen regularly, I comment infrequently but I really needed to thank you Pam for being so honest about where you are at, and where you have been. You are an inspiration to me every time I listen. Your quilty output amazes me but also encourages me to keep going and do my bit. Because my bit is important too. So imagine my surprise when I hear a voice … another voice that was a great encouragement to me. Yes Alison you too have been an inspiration too. Thanks Pam for once again bringing a smile to my heart and laughter to my lips…. or should I say belly.

  5. This is the BEST Podcast I have EVER listened to. It was like I was sitting in a sewing room with two friends having the best conversation ever. As others have pointed out, I had comments for many of your varied topics but I was too busy listening (and running) to write them down.

    I do need to say the image of hearing one’s Dad yell, “Get out of the ocean or you will become Christian” or whatever Allison’s Hubby said, had me holding my sides with laughter. Being Jewish myself, I guess I sort of identified with the comic release of that image. Too awesome.

    If the two of you decide to quit quilting, or even not, you could take your friendship on the road. Many of us would pay good bucks to see you chat in the warm, friendly and often hysterical way you do.

    And to Allison, we NEED to hear your closing phrase ever so much more so get busy and restart that podcast of yours.

    Now off to listen again. It’s that good! The two of you and all of your awesomeness.

  6. It was a hilarious one, I loved the hear the both of you laughing so hard. I loved Allison’s podcast and really hope She’ll pick up the microphone again! Thank you for the fun episode!

  7. This episode was so much fun!

    I tried to do the Labor Day sew-in thing last weekend but it was sadly cut short when I fell and broke my wrist on Saturday – ugh. Kept hoping all week that maybe it’d turn out not to be fractured (it didn’t show on the ER x-rays, but apparently lots of scaphoid fractures don’t show up at first) but I went to meet my doom at the orthopedist’s office today and came away from it with a shiny new red cast. Feh. Stayed away from my quilting and knitting podcasts all week since I figured it might bum me out listening when I haven’t been able to do anything, but you guys cheered me up tremendously. And I might even be able to do some sewing now with the cast — the splint wasn’t keeping things stable enough & I kept accidentally moving my hand.

  8. I so enjoyed this podcast. Listening to you and Allison chatting and laughing was awesome. Loved it. Can you do this sometime again down the road?

    I am just going to put my thoughts here. I listened to several of your podcasts on my podcast catch up day, which was yesterday.

    I recently finished listening to an Orson Scott Card book, Enchantment. I did like it. It was about Sleeping Beauty and time travel. I like it but I like fairy tales and time travel stuff. I do have a few of his other books on my to read list. I will have to add Ender’s Game to my list now.

    Love the cat photos. They don’t seem to get impaitent with you while you work on your projects. My tuxie, Bazil, makes his rounds to let me know that he needs attention. He stands in front of the sewing machine, bites the fabric, attempts to knock the thread spool off the holder and then sits on the sewing table. He also lays on the ironing board to prevent use of the board. One of his tactics is to knock the fabric pieces off and stretch out across the board, swatting anything off that is laid on the board.

    I took a look at the Labor Day quilting hangout. You look really good. Your face does not look round like you say.

    As for your husband’s workday experience, I can only imagine that he had to tell himself to breathe while the plane was not cooperating with him. What a heart stopping day. I hope he does not have very many of those.

    There were other thoughts going on in my head yesterday while I listened to the last three podcasts of yours but I don’t recall them now.

    Off to quilt my Java quilt.

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