WIP Wednesday: Helpering in a Box

UntitledFor those of you with helper animals, cats in particular, you will understand the allure of an open box.  At least they were not on the blocks, I suppose. Or “on the blocks anymore” I should say.

Ahem. So yes, I’m working on my Star Surround surrounds and had to lay out all the blocks to figure out which fabrics went where for each block and I’m about half done with the surround parts. I might be able to finish those up tonight.

Star Surround BordersI’ve also got the top finished for Silver Star.  Here it is with two of the three borders put on.  The third border is another aqua one, which is a tiny toy mouse print to kick up the cute factor since it’s being auctioned off to benefit Good Mews Animal Foundation, the cat shelter I volunteer for.

The HST border is made out of waste triangles from the center blocks. I used 168 of them, out of 502, which means I have just shy of a bajillion left for another project.

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4 Replies to “WIP Wednesday: Helpering in a Box”

  1. I love the Colors of the silver star quilt, I’ve been thinking if starting a quilt for our bed(ambitious I know… And how will I quilt it?!) and this is perfect!
    Thanks so much for sharing and I was so excited to see an episode of your podcast come up. I look forward to some history and have enjoyed listening to some back episodes.

    Ps: I had a teacher who encouraged me in history 12. I lived in Europe I’m part because of him and my favourite classes in college were all related to ww2. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Beautiful blocks and cats! Love the podcast. Podcasts like yours keep us all sane— Carolyn Lysandrou

  3. Beautiful quilt blocks, on both quilts. How did BOTH of them get into that tiny box? Non of my helper cats are sibs, but 3 of the 4 get along, Except for the abused stray my daughter brought home, who only gets along with Cassidy and I when it’s convenient, and doesn’t want any cat near her, especially a male. Unfortunately, Teddy, our big orange tabby is obsessed with her, and she HATES him, and is very tiny. I keep HIS claws clipped and we have one “Teddy Free Zone” so she can feel safe. She’s such a sweet little thing, and I try really hard not to think about what I would do to the person who broke her tail so badly and made her TERRIFIED of men and brooms.

    We also have 2 tuxedo kitties, one whom I call our laundry basket cat, whose name is midnight, and Charlotte, who likes to sit up in chairs almost like a person. Just since yesterday she has become obsessed with getting up onto the kitchen counter, which is a No NO. Anyway, she’s stubborn, but eventually my gentle persuasion will change her obsession.

    Anyway, I always love your podcasts!

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