WIP Wednesday – Starring… Cats

Quilt Basting HelperingAnother WIP Wednesday, another picture of my cats!

I’ve got Silver Star basted and ready for quilting. I’ve got the center for the Star Surround pieced, and the border cut and ready to attach (picture on that later once it’s attached). I’ve got the back for Star Surround pieced. I’d like to get Silver Star quilted by tomorrow night (HA HA HA) so I can hand stitch the binding down at a meeting tomorrow night.

I’ve got a seekrit project underway as well that I can’t show pictures of yet. And another seekrit project. And quilting for Easy Street Redux to be done on Saturday. And a guild meeting on Sunday.

Goofing off with rulersBasically, I have a pile-up of a pile-up and I’m going a bit bonkers. I did take a minute to play with the reflection of the sunlight off my ruler to drive my cats nuts as they tried to attack the reflection on the wall.

Now we can all be bonkers together.


11 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Starring… Cats”

  1. There is something about a cat on a quilt – I can’t even get mine to sit on mine when they are on the floor. Lovely quilt – very restful tones.

  2. This quilt just keeps getting more beautiful! Can’t wait to see it quilted!! You make amazing progress. Really enjoying your blog and am caught up or just about on your podcast. Thanks!

  3. Wow! That light blue border adds a whole new dimension and really makes the quilt sparkle! It turned out so beautifully. You should definitely have a link for how to buy tickets. It’s for the kitties!

  4. That’s a beautiful quilt. I love the blue border and the green, and the way it matches the cat. He looks a lot like my cat, Hiro, only smaller. Hiro’s a big boy, but also a gray tabby with that orangy undertone on his belly.

  5. This quilt top looks really sharp. Those colors set each other off very nicely!

    Thank you for letting me know that “Ender’s Game” is finally being made into a movie. I hope that they do the book justice. I listened to that series and the one about Bean long before I had a son if my own. He is six now; might be interesting to read it again now.

    Thank you for recommending the Infernal Devices series. Great books! I’m in the middle of the third one now and if hhings don’t end well for Jem Will and Tessa I will be pissed.

    And finally, I miss ‘so there’s that.’ Bring it back!

  6. I really enjoy your podcast. I’ve been listening to them since the beginning. I listen to them at work and you always make Fridays even better.
    I’m wondering what pattern you used for the Silver Star quilt? It’s beautiful. I looked back through the blog posts, but couldn’t find it.


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