WIP Wednesday – Whose Quilt Is It Anyway?

Silver Star block layoutI’ve been working steadily on the Silver Star quilt, having finished units and blocks on Sunday and laying it out to piece the center together just before Breaking Bad on Sunday night.  I like to call this quilt “Whose Quilt Is It Anyway?” since the points (apparently) don’t matter in the some of the blocks.

While piecing the rows and columns for it, I’ve used my Star Surround centers as leaders and enders. I will tell the full story behind my “D’OH!” moment on that project when I post the finished centers later tonight. In the meantime, here is Morelli judging me for miscounting and some of my finished centers.

Helpering in actionWIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

5 Replies to “WIP Wednesday – Whose Quilt Is It Anyway?”

  1. I thought my Sam was the only judgmental cat. He sits with his back to me looking out the window, then slowly turns just his head and blinks slowly when judging, then slowly turns his head back.

  2. You haven’t met judgemental until you own a lizard, They will sit the and blink at you for hours as if to say “seriously moron what kind of idiot does that!”

  3. Because the points don’t matter! Ha! Gotta watch the new incarnation of that show. I fell in love with the British one and have loved each one since.

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