Christmas Star Surround – Finished!

Christmas Star SurroundAt my marathon long-arming session on Saturday, I was able to knock out the quilting for the Star Surround quilt, which I’m calling the Christmas Star Surround quilt. If I let my daughter name it, as she picked the fabrics based on the 12 Cats of Christmas fabric and it’s for her bed, it would be something like “Happy Kitty Santa Star Quilt YAY”.

She’s seven, and shares my affinity for cats and presents, so who knows, maybe I would come up with that name too on my own!

Christmas Star SurroundI stuck with a simple meander quilting on this because the prints are super busy, and that’s what I’m most comfortable with on a longarm right now.  Also, it’s a full size quilt, finishing at 80 x 96″ or so and the thought of doing a pattern I wasn’t comfortable with for something that big made me feel a bit ill. For the binding I used the same stripey pattern in a couple of the blocks, but cut on the bias for the diagonal look.

Christmas Star SurroundI’m quite pleased I was able to piece the back together out of a lot of different Christmas fabrics from my stash that seem to languish since I don’t do a lot of holiday projects.

It’s a great pattern that I might reuse someday (in fabrics I take a little more control over choosing!), so go check out the whole tutorial series.

Christmas Star Surround
YAY Christmas Santa Kitties

5 Replies to “Christmas Star Surround – Finished!”

  1. Your little Bloomer gal is one lucky lady. What a cute quilt. I admire you for letting her choose the fabrics. I will do that as long as I also like the fabrics but I am just not strong enough to live with gaudy fabrics for any extended period of time. When I doubt as to the recipient’s taste, I chicken out and just ask for one or two favorite colors – I’ll do the rest.

  2. It’s such a beautiful quilt, I really like Bloomer’s choices! It looks Christmas-y, but will be okay on her bed throughout the year since it doesn’t scream Christmas. I really like the way it came out and the pieced backing is always a plus! :))) Great job, again! :)))

  3. This is a beautiful quilt. Can you just transfer all your energy to me for one day? You get more quilting done in one day, you’re like Super Quilter Woman.

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