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A Month of Sundays—Family, Friends, Food & QuiltsI’ve had a copy of Cheryl Arkinson’s A Month of Sundays in my possession for a couple weeks, and have waffled on writing a review. Not because it’s not an intriguing book, but because it’s difficult to categorize it.  Yes, it has sewing and quilting projects. And yes, it had some recipes. And yes, it is a “lifestyle” book, but somehow that phrase feels a bit hokey.

What Cheryl does do is talk about how her quilting style mimics her family and personal style – it’s laid back and low volume. It’s precut friendly, but also speaks to the value if doing things from scratch. Compared strictly project-centric books, A Month of Sundays has significantly more “story” around the projects than just instruction and techniques, although those are included too.

A Month of Sundays—Family, Friends, Food & QuiltsProjects include a wine tote, buntings, quilts, and several other smaller projects, all of which reflect the “low volume” aesthetic, defined by fabrics with low contrast in volume with lots of whites and creams.  The Sudoku game quilt is a great example of this.

I may never be able to master a lifestyle that embraces biking to a local market to purchase regional wine and a joyous parade of children waving homemade buntings, or even embrace “slowing down and sewing”, but the book makes me think I could.

You, too, can find out of the “Month of Sundays” lifestyle is for you by entering to win your own copy of the book! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. There will be one winner; if you live in the US, you’re entering to win a hard copy of the book. If you live outside the US, you’ll receive an e-copy of the book.  Giveaway will close on Tuesday Sept 10 at midnight.

Thanks to C&T Publishing for offering the giveaway!

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  1. I don’t feel very amusing today… but I’m intrigued by the cover photo of this book and the “Slow Down and Sew” byline. I really don’t like having having deadlines when I’m sewing because I enjoy going at my own pace.

  2. This line : “I may never be able to master a lifestyle that embraces biking to a local market to purchase regional wine and a joyous parade of children waving homemade buntings, or even embrace “slowing down and sewing”, but the book makes me think I could.” is too true. I always think that when I read glossy magazines. If I could drag the Young Man away from the computer long enough to put a bunting in his hand, that would be the extent of the bunting waving. He would look at me, look at the bunting and look at me again. All of this would be crowned with a glorious teenaged eye roll. Still, I like the idea that someone out there could do it. I could, too, if I had enough staff. I could hire a small child to run around waving bunting, take some photos, post them to Facebook and voila! It would all be true. If posted to FB, it has to be true, right? 😉

  3. I listened to an interview with Cheryl Arkinson on one of the quilty podcasts, perhaps American Patchwork and Quilting. I DO like quilts that are, as she says, low volume. She comes across as a really delightful person so that definitely knocks the book up a few notches.

  4. How could I pass up the chance for internet fame!?! Where to spend my millions…yachts, a jet, a Bernina, a seat on the colony ship to Mars, maybe kids college…the possibilities are endless. Of course I will mention that I owe i all to Pam!

  5. I have been meaning to comment on your blog for a little while now and haven’t done it yet but I love your podcast! It really is my favorite. I have gone back and am currently listening to all your old ones. Please continue to make them because if you don’t my sewing time will be so drab!
    Jamie 🙂

  6. I have a lot of books about the lifestyle I think I could want, mostly books about ditching urban life and farming on some scale. Really, though, I lose interest in gardening when it hits 85 degrees, which in Arkansas is pretty dang early. My favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is curl up under a quilt and read a book.

  7. I loved your podcast with Cheryl and her book sounds fun. The Allison (?sp) podcast was terrific, too! Congrats on your 5k, who cares if you walked part of it, you still did it, more than most of us!
    Don’t worry about the face in the water, we are all unique in our own way and we all have hang ups. Who needs to swim? I also love Silver Star and Christmas Star Surround, beautiful, what a lucky little girl you have! Thanks always for doing the podcast.

  8. So after Pam talked about associating her quilts with the TV show or book or whatever she was listening to while making a quilt — I had to stop watching the Arrested Development series while working on my mother-in-law’s birthday quilt — for wondering minds, listened to Lady of the Rivers (pre-quel) to White Queen. Then rewatched the White Queen episodes while hand sewing the binding!! Both dysfunctional families, but one much more romantic.

  9. Hi Pam, I’m a long time listener, but I don’t remember if you have discussed quilt labels. If so, could you mention the episode number? If not, I would be interested to hear how you label your quilts as you are so prolific. I am finishing a Modern style quilt with lots of white negative space and 50 unique charm squares floating in the background. The charm squares have been chosen specifically to honor the recipient’s 50th birthday by family and friends. The “back” is planned to be all white, as the recipient’s partner has a very stark aesthetic and only decorates in white, black and tan. I know, very boring to some, but he is a graphic designer, and works from home so wants an uncluttered look in their miniscule apartment. (It does have a fabulous ocean view.) I will possibly use one of the charms as a label, but I would love to hear any ideas you have about making labels. Thanks for the podcast. Good luck with your fitness goals! And I have way too many books, so I will let someone else win this giveaway.

  10. Hi Pam-
    Thanks for the laughter on podcast with Allison. I really enjoyed hearing both of you together, but I do hope Allison begins to podcast again soon. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Pam,
    I enjoy your podcasts so much. Keep up the good work. On a Sunday afternoon I enjoy making blocks for a long overdue block of the month quilt. After that, watching some TV, and reading a book.

  12. Always comment to you in my head as I listen to the podcast. Thank you so much for the great podcast and blog? Going to the Hampton va quilt show in feb? I am, let’s meet if you are!

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