HtbaS – Episode 147

A surprise Monday episode! I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, and didn’t want to saddle my next Friday guest with going through double feedback.  Thanks to everyone for their kind words on my aunt’s passing.  I also talk about a couple books, making bags, and Scrapitude.

3 Replies to “HtbaS – Episode 147”

  1. Pumpkin tips: soak in cold water with a little bleach (or spray it with the same) and/or smear Vaseline on the cut parts. Silica gel packs were also mentioned. We paint ours so probably won’t be testing these.

  2. Well, you have now made this listener do the bobble head move. You mentioned open casket for your aunt and then the Catholic funeral Mass, and my head was going up and down as I thought of all the ones I have been to.

    Open caskets don’t bother me. My mom’s side of the family tends to have open caskets and home visitation as well. When Dad died, his body came back to the house and it was actually much nicer than the funeral home. I thought all the grandchildren would freak out, but none did. They would wander in and out of the living room where he was laid out without much fanfare. The casket was closed for the funeral and draped in a white cloth. I like knowing that is how it will be for me one day.

    What flips me out is cremation, but that’s a different story.

    All the best.

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