WIP Wednesday: Of Cake and Bologna

Scrapitude SquaresI have many things to share today.

The first is a sad pile of squares. I call it sad because it’s just sitting there waiting to be sewn into 4-patches. 137 4 patches to be exact, for the Scrapitude quilt along.  At least I finished cutting them all!  That’s my actual work in progress.

Tricky StarsThe other thing on my machine in the picture is actually a storage pillowcase for one of the quilts I’m donating to Good Mews.  To refresh your brain, it’s Tricky Stars, the Cathedral Stars pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

I’ve just recently learned that you can buy raffle tickets for this quilt via the Good Mews website.  The drawing itself will be on October 6th, at Tricky’s Birthday Party (Tricky is cat that lives at the shelter who was a victim of domestic violence).  To buy tickets, go to the shelter website and click on the “Donate” Paw on the upper right.  Select “Other” for the donation type, and indicate “Raffle Tickets – Tricky’s party” in the Other box. Then email my friend Andrea at acartier@goodmews.org and let her know which prizes you’d like your tickets to go for (HINT: it’s the quilt!).  Then you can save your receipt for tax purposes since Good Mews is a 501(c)3 organization!

DERP: Forgot to say how much raffle tickets are! $1 for 2 /$5 for 15 / $10 for 40 / $20 for 100.

Jett loves CakeNow, in other acts of selfless promotions, my friend Chris’ next pattern has been released! I also helped test this one, and Jett has helperfully been a censor bar for it as well.

Her new pattern is Cut the Cake. It uses either a jelly roll or a layer cake, and I made my sample with the new American Jane line that’s due out in November (because I have sneaky means of getting things).  Here is Chris’ pattern and my sample, which has a weird dark shadow in the lower left – sorry:

Chris is offering 4 different sizes in the pattern (mine is the MONDO size, although that terminology might be my own), and it goes together super fast with some chain piecing.  It’s available for sale on Craftsy, Etsy and Fat Quarter Shop.

And finally, here is a picture of some Troyer’s Trail Bologna (similar to summer sausage) and cheese in the grocery store that my dad worked at as a teenager. This is a sure sign that I was in Ohio last week.

How I know I'm in Ohio   WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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  1. I’m a southwest Ohio native (and live here still) and have never seen that brand! Or heard of ‘trail bologna’. I’ll have to seek some out next time I’m up around Cleveland, and feed mg inner cowgirl.

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