HtbaS – Episode 160

I talk about some last minute Christmas gifts, life updates, and finally answer those BFSI questions!

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  1. You were not being preachy in Episode 159. You were making a statement of fact and it needed to be shared. Glad you are finally officially being offered the new job. I hope you enjoy the new responsibilities. Judi

  2. I didn’t think you were preachy at all in the past episode — and that’s coming from the perspective of someone who’s struggling with a crazypants relationship with food and having trouble working up the motivation to do any real exercise (the only thing I really like doing is lifting weights, but that’s out for now — the ortho doc said not until my wrist is entirely pain-free, and preferably not for a couple more months after that because apparently the scaphoid takes its sweet time healing) – so, yeah. I need to get over myself and start doing some other kind of exercise instead of sitting on my butt for a few more months. Anyway. That was just to explain that I’m kind of mired in Issues Land right now and didn’t think you were preachy at all, just realistic.

  3. Heh, congrats on your 5 lbs to go!!
    It’s encouraged me to get going! Walk and watch what I eat, how hard is that? We all need a little encouragement and you gave it-not preachy at all.
    Love your podcast and thanks for doing it. Always love hearing from you and love your quilts.

  4. Hey Pam, Great work on the 5lbs to go. I had to go to a measurement converter to work out how much you had lost in kgs etc so as to put it all into perspective for me. You are doing wonderfully and hopefully Christmas doesn’t sabotage it all for you. I am trying really hard to maintain. That is my dietitian’s goal for me over Christmas. She is okay (realistic) that I won’t lose weight this month but just doesn’t want me to put any on. I can’t remember if I thought you were preachy or not in your previous episode or not (I was probably too busy preening for having been mentioned… snort) but if I can’t remember if you were then it obviously wasn’t stand out so probably not and even if you were… its your podcast. So preach it sister… do what you want… just keep doing it … regularly. I have been listening to some other back episodes of podcasts but didn’t go back to the very beginning on any but yours and Tanesha’s. Some of the others it (Itunes or my iphone… not sure which) only let me listen to the last years worth. Thanks for having the list of podcasts on your website… has helped me find them (Have been listening to Katie and Allison for much longer than you… think I found you through them, or maybe it was Sandy whom I have also been listening to for a while but didn’t go back to the beginning with hers)

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